AR1 500

Lawn mower robot with 25 cm cutting width. Automatic charge and installed perimeter wire recognition. Powered by battery 25.2 V motor with brushes and equipped with 1 per 2.3 Ah lithium ion battery granting 40-minute mowing time per charge. Programmable cutting cycles per day, managing 2 working areas. Mulching technology, mowing in random patterns, intelligent spiral movement trigged automatically. Height adjustment regulation from 20 to 60 mm. Oscillating movement by the two large wheels. Equipped with rain sensors. Suitable for gardens up to 500 sq. m.
Installation Yes
Automatic charging station Yes
Battery Lithium 1 x 2.3 Ah
Motor Brush
Cutting width 25 cm
Cutting height 20-60 mm
Maximum cutting area 500 m²
Maximum slope 45% (24°)
Maximum slope next to boundary wire 20% (11.3°)
Average working time 40 min
Charging time 1h 15 min
Areas managed 2
Display Yes
Mowed grass detection No
Grass sensor No
Rain sensor Yes
Spiral mowing Intelligent
Safety handle Yes
Emergency stop Yes
Noise level dB(A) 65-75
Anti-tilting sensor Yes
Blade modulation Yes
Bluetooth No
Alarm No
Weight 9,5 kg
Article Number 26-8240-41